GBI investigates deadly shooting involving Cobb County officer

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A getaway attempt ended in shots being fired and the death of a suspect, according to police. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has been asked to investigate a deadly officer-involved shooting which happened Tuesday afternoon in Cobb County.

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It happened around 3 p.m. Tuesday along South Service Road near Six Flags Parkway. A Cobb County Police officer was transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries, a second officer also hurt after being dragged by a car while investigating possible drug activity at this Austell hotel.

The officers on routine patrol here at the Guest Inn when they reportedly saw illegal drug activity going on in one of the rooms.

"The door at that point was wide open so the officer tried to make contact with one of the subjects that was inside the room. The subject retreated back further in the room, the officer remained in the doorway tried to call him out," said Officer Sarah O'Hara, Cobb County Police Department.

Police said the unidentified man became combative and the officers decided to get a search warrant to search the room.

"Around that time suspect decided to flee the room going past the officers into the parking lot they obviously gave chase," said Officer O’Hara.

The suspect jumped into a car, wrestled with the officers, and then drove off with them hanging from the vehicle.

"The subject was driving through the parking lot and dragging our officers along with the vehicle.  At that point one of our officers did shoot the suspect," said O'Hara.