Fundraiser, donor match party held for 13-year-old boy who needs new kidney

A community is coming together amid tragedy to help a 13-year-old Woodstock boy.

Kincaid Eaker is in dire need of a kidney. The timing of this event is really crucial. Family members said Eaker is in desperate need of a kidney and this event is one attempt to make that happen.

Dozens gathered at Rocky’s Lake Estate Saturday evening to help raise awareness for attaining a kidney for Eaker and also to raise money to help support his family and their mounting medical bills.

Kincaid and his sister are now without both parents. Their father murdered their mom, Audra Eaker in 2016, who was supposed to be Eaker’s kidney donor.

Since then, family and friends have been searching for a match but they said the need is greater now more than ever.

FOX 5 News talked to numerous people going through the required testing in hopes of sacrificing their own kidney for the 13-year-old.

“Like I said, he's [like] my brother, and I would do literally anything for him. I'd give him anything he needed, so it's nothing special or something out of the ordinary for me. I just felt like I was led to do it,” said Quinley Whitley, a family friend.

It’s hard to believe what this 13-year-old has been through because of his light-hearted demeanor. He arrived on a helicopter smiling and excited to see his friends.

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A donation can be made at

Anyone who thinks they might be a match can go to and sign up. The family said the individual should include Kincaid Eaker’s full name and birthdate, Oct. 2, 2006, if they’re inquiring to donate on the 13-year-old’s behalf.