Frog invasion noise overwhelms Metro family

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A north Gwinnett County family tells FOX 5 News a frog invasion is causing their quality of life to croak. 

"You have 24/7 croaking that's disturbing everyone's rest," said Jill Canady, who said the symphony of amphibians gets so loud, it's hard to sleep. 

Their home overlooks the detention pond at the Sycamore Glen subdivision in the Sugar Hill area, where frogs have multiplied and now moved into the pond. Mrs. Canady said the situation worsened as debris and water accumulated over the winter. 

"My bedroom is closest to the frogs. I feel every night it's getting louder and louder," said nine-year-old Gavin Canady. 

The family even went out of town the previous weekend to try to get a good night's sleep. 

Gwinnett County officials said they don't know the reason for the strange infestation, but said the responsibility of the detention pond maintenance lies with the Homeowner's Association.

A letter from the Water Resources department orders the HOA to clear the debris from the detention pond and clean out the pipes, to allow the water to freely flow out of the area. The detention pond should be clear of any water, officials said. 

Multiple calls were made to the HOA but none were returned to FOX 5. 

The Canady family said some crews showed up Monday to clear the debris. 

"Hopefully the retention pond goes down and the frogs go with it," Mrs. Canady said.