Former Morris Brown College dorms will be demolished

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The former Morris Brown College dorms known as Middleton Towers are set for demolition as soon as late May.

This comes on the heels of a fire Tuesday night inside a part of one of the towers.

"It was Deja vu all over again. How much of our history can be taken away from us?" said Willene White Smith, who once lived at the towers during her time in college.

This is the second time an old part of the campus has gone up in flames. Last year, a fire ripped through the former Gaines Hall, which Morris Brown College sold to development organization Invest Atlanta. 

"It's not a safe environment," said Lloyd Hawk with Friendship Baptist Church, who said the Middleton Towers have suffered much damage after being vacant for 10 years. Squatters have also left plenty of damage throughout the building.

Friendship Baptist Church bought the property from Morris Brown College during the school's bankruptcy proceedings. The church plans to build its new home next door to the property, and plans to use the land after demolition to build a retail and residential complex.

"The towers were so symbolic of what college life was all about," said Derrick Boazman, who also used to live in Middleton Towers during his time at Morris Brown College. He also served as class president.

"Change is inevitable. Morris Brown is forever," he said.