Former MLB player helping Atlanta families in need

He grew up in Atlanta and through his passion for baseball he was granted a college scholarship to Georgia State before being drafted to the Chicago Cubs.

C.J. Stewart realized that it was through recognition in his own community that he was able to achieve his dream. Now, he and his wife Kelli Stewart are helping inner-city youth in Atlanta through their non-profit mentorship program L.E.A.D. This program is a leadership program and is in several Atlanta public middle schools and high schools.

The program's goal is not only to help the students with sports and baseball but to give them life skills and help them become all-star citizens. 

The global coronavirus pandemic has not stopped C.J. and Kelli Stewart from continuing to help the kids they mentor. Throughout this period they have been delivering meals to the families of the boys they help, talking to their parents to make sure they are doing well through virtual learning programs, and even providing financial support where needed.

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