Fire crew rescues stranded puppy

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There is one lucky dog Sunday in Cherokee County, thanks to the fast efforts of emergency responders. Cherokee County Firefighters were called out to Fletcher Drive around 7 a.m. That's where they found a two to three month old yellow Labrador that had fallen into a seventy-five foot deep well. 

Jose Santillan lives at the house where the well was located. He says on Saturday the dog and a black Labrador showed up at the home appearing to be strays. “The black Labrador was barking this morning and I went outside to find that the yellow Labrador had fallen into the well,” says Santillan.

Using their rescue equipment, firefighters built a tripod above the well and lowered firefighter Brendan O’Brian down.  Moments later, O’Brien was raised out of the well with the dog.  The dog was given to firefighters who administered oxygen and appeared to be OK.  Afterwards, the dog was handed over to a representative from Animal Control to be taken to the Cherokee County Animal Shelter.

Santillan says if the owners of the dogs aren't found, he would be interested in adopting them.