Field at Mercedes-Benz Stadium ready... sort of

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The field at Mercedes-Benz Stadium is ready... Well, sort of.

The painted field was shown off for the first time this week after the NFL approved it. But it won't be the last time the team at the Benz will have to paint the field.

Both the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots will be practicing on the field this week. The Super Bowl Halftime Show will also be trouncing over the paint job, so the field team will be repainting and touching up on Saturday before the big game.

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That's what is known, but what isn't as if the infamous pedaled-roof of the Benz will be open for the big game. That will be decided later this week, but the FOX 5 Storm Team as of Tuesday believes the weather should be good enough for it to be opened.

But the roof isn’t the only feature fans will enjoy.

"There's so many unique features I mean you just look up and you have the halo board and you have the roof, you have everything in here is state-of-the-art in every way possible. Even coming up to the stadium, the design of it is so special it's just something we're really excited to showcase the world on Super Bowl Sunday," said Eric Finkelstein, senior director of event operations for the NFL.

For those who frequent Mercedes-Benz Stadium know that food is a very important part of the sports culture. The prices are reasonable and the selection is outstanding. And that will still be that way for the Super Bowl.

For instance, the famous $2 hot dog will be sold during Sunday’s big game. But some additions will be on this menu. Special beverages, a short rib plate, and a Southern chick-n-waffle.

“Fresh waffle we're making in-house, sorghum butter and jumbo chicken wings that we're making in-house as well. it's going to be a great item. it looks great, tastes great. So, it should be a good one,” Executive Chef Matt Cooper said.

Meanwhile, fans at the Super Bowl Experience packed the Georgia World Congress Center Tuesday to try their hand at the NFL. Fans from all walks of life got a chance to a be a quarterback, running back, or coach for a day.

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