Female traveler attacked at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport

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A routine Monday morning at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport erupted into a bizarre act of violence. 

It took place in a very visible spot – the curb where arriving passengers line up to get a cab or a shuttle. 

A young woman noticed something she described as "creepy". A man who had been lying on a bench started watching her. She started recording him with her cell phone. 

Her phone video shows the man climbing over a railing and coming toward her. She drops her phone and tries to run, but the stranger, who said no words, got to her and began punching her in the face.

The left side of her face swelled from the blows. She sustained a black eye but steadied herself as other travelers came over to help and called the police. 

Sgt. John Chafee said airport police responded quickly but the unidentified man hopped onto one of the free shuttles and got away. 

The traveler lives in Louisiana. It was her first trip to Atlanta. She says she doesn't plan to come back.