FBI: No "Credible" Threat of Alleged Terror Attack at Philips Arena

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The City of Atlanta went on high alert after a report that the activist group Anonymous uncovered a possible ISIS threat to attack Philips Arena during the WWE event Sunday evening.  The FBI says it was not a credible threat, but it was still taken seriously.  Atlanta Police increased security at the event, from bomb sniffing dogs to law enforcement officers keeping an eye out while holding semi-automatic weapons.

“You cannot let the terrorists win, you cannot give them the benefit of keeping you scared,” said Robert A. Booey, who attended the event.

Fans said while they will not let terrorists keep them from living their lives, there is concern about the threat and appreciated the increased security.

“Fact is we cannot live out life in fear,” said one fan.  “That is exactly what they want us to do, live in fear and that is not who we are as Americans, we need to continue doing what we do when we do it.”

Not everyone who had tickets attended the event.  Jessica LeAnne Breackinridge posted on FOX 5's Facebook page “We have tickets and no we aren’t going.  These tickets were bought for all of my kids for their birthdays and I would rather be out the money than risk my children.”  Rachel Barr posted her concerns “I’m begging my husband not to go to work at Philips tonight.  Why chance it.”

Out of an abundance of caution, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed opened the Joint Operations Center in response to the reported terror threat to support enhanced security.  While fans are in attendance, they said it is important to take any threat seriously.