Family: Woman tried to lure girl into van with toothpaste

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Cobb County police are looking for a woman who they say tried to lure a child using toothpaste on Thursday morning.

The young victim's parents say she was walking to the bus stop just two houses down from them.

That's when a woman in a dark gray Honda Odyssey pulled up next to the 12-year-old and tried to give her some toothpaste that she said was for her little girl.

The girl said no and ran back home.

Matt Borlengh, the victim's father, told FOX 5 that his daughter also saw a man moving in the back seat of the van.

"There's no one sitting in the passenger seat. The lady keeps on saying 'It's OK. It's OK. Come here. It's OK," Borlengh said. "At that moment my daughter sees movement in the back seat of the tinted windows, says 'that's it,' turns around and runs back to the house."

The young girl was unable to get a tag number.

If you have any information that could help identify the possible abductors, please contact Cobb County Police.