Family, police search for answers one year after deadly GA 400 hit and run

Monday will mark one year since Kamau Gant lost his sister, Rasheeda Covington.

"I miss her so much," said Gant.

According to Atlanta Police, Covington, 28, was walking on the side of Georgia Highway 400 when a car struck and killed her around 1:20 a.m. on September 21, 2019. The person responsible drove off. 

"Seeing my sister in that condition and just knowing somebody just left her on the side of the road like a wild animal, I mean, it's just so disheartening," Gant said.

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The tragedy grew in January when Gant said his mother, stressed by the loss of her daughter, suffered a stroke and was hospitalized in Jacksonville, Florida. Gant was on his way to pick her up when she walked out of the hospital and disoriented, was also struck and killed. That time, Gant said, the driver stayed on the scene.

Gant described his sister as full of life and energy. He said her death has been particularly hard for his two sons.

"I mean, just to have somebody who was so influential in their lives just to be gone and taken like that--it's just not fair," he explained.

Atlanta Police said Wednesday that they do not have any new leads in the hit and run case. At the time, investigators recovered a piece of the car's bumper and concluded the vehicle involved was a gold Honda Accord which would have suffered significant front end damage.

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Gant asked anyone with information about the crash to come forward.

"I will not let my sister's death just be forgotten. I will not let her memories be forgotten; I mean. And until somebody comes forward I'm going to continue to do my due diligence and keep in touch with the Atlanta Police Department and everything else," said Gant.