Family, football team honor Pike County teen's life

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A show of support in Pike County Friday night for a high school football player who died last year following an injury on the field. His family thanked all the players and team who comforted them by showcasing jerseys with his number.

One by one, Pike County High School Pirates grabbed number 32 jerseys. That's the number 16-year-old Dylan Thomas wore when he played for the team. The team showcased autographed jerseys that his family had received as gifts.

Number 32 jerseys from other high schools as well as college teams, including Georgia and Georgia Tech and NFL teams like the Atlanta Falcons.

Darren Thomas says the jerseys mean everything to his family. He's found it difficult to press on without his son.

Dylan suffered a critical brain injury last year during a game. Immediately, the support was there. Players from both teams kneeled and prayed on the field for his recovery. In the weeks and months following his death, the community continued to surround his family in love.

Dylan's loved ones say all of this support has strengthened them tremendously over the last year.

They also say they've received letters and funding from businesses and churches and they're thankful for their support too.