Family desperate to find missing man

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With every passing hour and heavy weather on the way, the search grows more desperate for a man missing in Henry County.

Police say they have recovered what they call “critical” articles of clothing in the reservoir near the home of 58-year-old Timothy Osborne who vanished ten days ago. Joshua Kirk spent Friday afternoon flying his drone over Tussahaw Reservoir not far from the Osbornes' home.

“I don’t know the guy personally, you know my fiancée, she grew, we’ve been together for a while and she grew up with him. I fly I drones, whatever, and I figured it could help out,” said Kirk.

He helped after many others have helped. DNR search boats along with Henry County Police and volunteers discovered Osborne’s hat and one of his shoes Wednesday in the reservoir.

Last weekend his son found his dads cup and zip-up jacket in the woods.

Osborne’s wife Kelly is nervous about upcoming heavy rains, but also optimistic.

“It’s gotten cold, it’s rained, we’ve had a real bad storm and if he’s made it through all that then he’s gonna make it,” said Kelly Osborne.

Osborne’s picture has been widely shared on everything from church electronic signs to social media.

Kelly Osborne met with FOX 5 News at her home after checking out a possible sighting of her husband at the Atlanta VA Medical center in Decatur, one of many sightings.

“I’ve had people call me and tell me he’s been in Forsyth Georgia, he’s been in Decatur, Georgia, he’s been in Riverdale. It’s a mystery he’s just vanished,” said Osborne.

Joshua Kirk and other volunteers pledge to keep searching for Tim Osborne until he is found.

Kelly Osborne said her husband suffers from dementia and needs daily medication.

“He’s got to have that medication in him or Jean gonna get further away and more scared and I’m scared what’s gonna happen then;” said Harrison.

The Henry County Police Department says there is nothing to indicate that the body of Timothy Osborne is in the reservoir. However, if any others signs are found that he could be in the lake Captain Joey Smith said search boats and or divers will return:

Anyone with information on Timothy Osborne is asked to call 911.

This is the Facebook link and the family is asking people to share pictures of videos of any possible sightings of Mr. Osborne.