Family demands answers after son killed during raid

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The family of a man shot and killed by police in a federal raid earlier this week is speaking out about how the incident was handled, saying that they are looking for answers that have been "hard to come by."

The shooting happened Tuesday morning at the Allen Hills Apartments in the 3000 block of Middleton Road NW. As the FBI and other law enforcement agents showed up at an apartment, they say armed robbery suspect Jimmy Atchison fled.

"He jumped out a window of one of the apartments, jumped down a couple floors," FBI spokesperson Kevin Rowson said. "There was a foot chase that ensued into another apartment building into another apartment."

It was in that second apartment that a task force member, identified as an Atlanta police officer, fired his gun, killing the 21-year-old Atchison.

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Now members of Atchison's family are asking why the takedown had to result in his death.

"We've been going through a lot. his mother is very destroyed. Who could not be with us today," Atchison's aunt Tammie Featherstone said. "That was her only son."

The family tells FOX 5 that answers from police have been hard to come by, and they are asking for more information about what led to the shooting.

"I pray that this can stop. I pray that no family has to go through what we are going through," Featherstone said. "We really, really want to know what happened, the closure is what will help us get through this"

Both the FBI and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation are investigating the shooting.