Families remain in the dark after tree falls on apartment

Some Gwinnett County families had an uneasy weekend after a tree fell on their apartment building.

Several families were 'camping out' at their apartments at the Oxford Apartment Homes complex in unincorporated Lawrenceville where the electricity has been off since the giant timber fell.

Latrice Hogan and Curtis Speights were making due with power supplied from a car battery in their warm, dark and humid apartment.

The couple lost electricity last Thursday morning when a big tree crashed onto building 1100 where they live.

They told FOX 5, management has not lived up to its pledge of providing them and several families in the building with either another apartment in the complex or vouchers for a hotel.

However they did not show FOX 5 a lease to indicate the liability of the complex.

“It could be months, they’re not giving us straight answers if the building inspector seems that it’s not safe, then they won’t cut on the power at all,” said Latrice Hogan. 

Without electricity, another apartment or vouchers for a hotel, the couple is staying at a hotel at their own expense.

Latrice Hogan is hoping to utilize her renters insurance to cover the the cost.

“I don’t know if that’s something I can actually claim but I’m without electricity but as you can see  it’s extremely hot,” said Hogan.

The couple said they feel more fortunate than other families displaced who have children and can not afford to stay in a hotel.

No one returned calls from FOX 5 to the maintenance emergency number available to residents or other numbers with Oxford Apartment homes.

The office is closed Sunday, only adding to the uncertainty on repairs leaving this couple and others in limbo.

The Red Cross showed up Sunday night to help the several displaced families.unaware that the big tree had fallen on the building a few days because no one reported it to them.

Mike Richardson told FOX 5’s George Franco the Red Cross had not been notified when the tree fell:  

Franco: “When did you find out about the problem?”

Richardson:  “This afternoon when we got the call,” 

Franco: ”Not when it occurred?”

Richardson: “No sir,”

Franco: “Did surprise you?”

Richardson: “Yes sir it sure did. With this number of people involved it really surprised me.”

Despite the problems with the tree and electrify residents told FOX 5 they were thankful no one was hurt.