Fake pizza delivery porch pirate strikes again

Some residents in the Buckhead area have caught a fake pizza delivery man stealing packages from their front porch on their security cameras.

Laura LaHiff said she checked her Ring doorbell camera footage Thursday morning when she could not find her package.

In the video, she saw a man carry a pizza delivery bag coming up to her door and put the package in his bag.

She posted the video on a neighborhood app and learned this man has been accused of doing this to others in the Buckhead area.

FOX 5 spoke with Joanna Higgins on October 19.  She caught a similar scenario of a man carrying the same pizza delivery bag to her door and stealing her packages.

LaHiff said there was another neighbor who posted a video of the same incident within the last couple of day.

All the videos show the man driving off in a bright blue PT Cruiser.

"You can see plainly see the car in all of the videos," LaHiff said. "There's two videos where he's not particularly shielding his face of his identity. so, either this guy has no fear or being caught or no fear of incrimination or he just hasn't thought that far ahead."

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All three victims have reported this incident to Atlanta police.

LaHiff said the package contained a water bottle for her son. She said the loss isn't a big deal, but she does not want to give the man the chance to steal something more valuable from someone else.

"I don't think this is a gigantic thing in our lives that's going to make us fearful or change our habits or our routines," LaHiff said. "It's an annoyance I would not like to have happened to my neighbors or my friends. It's just low."