Fake eviction notices put on Emory University student's doors

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Fake eviction notices are raising eyebrows for some students on the Emory University campus.

The politically-themed flyers were approved by the university ended up on numerous student housing doors, on and off campus.

Some Jewish students are speaking out about the flyers that make reference to Jewish and Palestinian conflict.

Students said the flyers appeared two days ago, on the morning of April 2.

"This is the exact one that was on my door. I read it. I was crying. I was very upset," said Emory student Melissa Harari.

The headline of the flyers stating in part: “Eviction notice - your suite is scheduled for demolition in 3 days.” The flyer goes on to reference circumstances facing Palestinian families under "Israeli occupation."

"I think it is concerning it is an invasion of our privacy and security," said Emory student Sophia Weinstein.

Weinstein is a member of several Jewish groups on Emory's campus and in the community. She said the flyers appeared in her building, a private housing development near campus.

"I know that they were put on everyone, Jewish or not, on Clairmont, on campus," said Weinstein.

The flyers reveal they are not real eviction notices, but make reference to ethnic cleansing and the destruction of Palestinian homes.

"I won't say that we feel targeted but we feel just a little violated, and it is an uncomfortable situation to be in," said Weinstein.

The flyers claim to be posted by the Israeli Committee Against House Demolition, and it carries a posting approval stamp by the Emory campus.

"I was very upset to see such hateful language, anti-Semitic language that was written on a statement on my door that seemed to have been approved by Emory's administration," said Harari

In a statement to FOX 5 News, Emory University wrote in part:

"While a student group received permission to post the flyers, they did not comply with the posting guidelines and the flyers were removed. In reviewing this incident, we found no evidence that individual students or a particular group were targeted.”

Emory said the Office of Student Conduct will review the incident and determine next steps.

"I can speak on behalf of all of the pro-Israel communities on campus by saying we are all open to dialogue about this and feel it is very important," said Weinstein.