Experts: Brace for record unemployment rates

While the unemployment website is still backlogged as people across the country scramble to come up with a plan, experts anticipate another record-breaking week for unemployment in Georgia.

"It’s time tighten your belt," said Doug Milnes, marketing director at Moneygeek.

It’s one of several sites that claim to be one-stop-shops for guarding your wallet during this uncertain time.

"We are going to be in this for some period of time and it’s a challenge that many of us are going to need to cut expenses down," he said.

Doug Milnes, works for moneygeek. It’s a website that lists local resources and strategies to protect personal finances.

Experts say you need to push through the long wait and file for unemployment now.

"Things are challenging with the system being so overloaded because of so many people filing for unemployment but you should too. Even if it takes you a while," Milnes said.

"It’s better that you file for unemployment today and wait a couple of hours as opposed to next week and that takes you a week out from getting paid from unemployment benefits," he said.

Moneygeek offers information about local job postings, food banks, the department of housing and urban development, and even mortgage relief. 

"The unemployment rate will peak at about 26 percent which is double the 12.5 percent documented by Georgia’s local government," Milnes said.

Just two months ago, during a healthy economy, Georgia’s unemployment rate was just 3 percent. 

Milnes says that’s why it’s important to figure out what you can cut back on now, and consider getting a new quote on your auto and homeowners insurance to decrease your monthly recurring bills in anticipation of a change in job status.