Escaped patient captured by authorities

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A man who escaped law enforcement is back in custody tonight, after an hours-long manhunt. The search involved several law enforcement agencies and a K-9 unit.

Police tell FOX 5 the man escaped during a quick bathroom stop during transport.

The situation ended with a man that Fulton County Sheriff's deputies described as a patient in custody, coming out of the woods and surrendering to Coweta County deputies.

It started as a bathroom break at a Pilot Gas station off Interstate 85 in South Coweta County. The man was being transported by Fulton Deputies to a state medical facility.

Somehow he escaped their custody and within minutes he was crisscrossing busy Interstate 85 to elude capture.

Deputies and state troopers immediately established a perimeter. Once recaptured deputies found the man had a pair of pliers in his pockets.

He also had cuts from his desperate dash through the woods.  He asked for water which he was given.

The Fulton County Sheriff's office described the man as patient and not a prisoner. He was being transported from Grady Hospital to a state facility, a spokesperson said, in accordance with state law.

A police K-9 played a critical role in the man's capture.

The FCSO Law Enforcement Division is reviewing protocols and a formal investigation will be conducted if determined to be appropriate.