Emotional plea to return stolen family ring

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Anyone on the street might think it is just a diamond ring, but to a DeKalb County woman it is a piece of jewelry passed down three generations.

Rachel Weimer said she thinks about that stolen ring every day. Nearly three years have passed since someone broke into her home and nabbed it.

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In dollars, that ring may not be very valuable, but as a family heirloom, she said, it is priceless. The ring purchased during the World War II era, belonged to a grandmother. Weimer said the family blessed her by allowing her to have it. She wore it as an engagement ring.

Police in DeKalb County never came up with anything from the burglary. Pictures she supplied to investigators were distributed by police to area pawn shops, but it never turned up.

Weimer is not giving up even after all this time. A hefty reward will be offered for its return, she says.

Anyone who has information regarding the ring can email Weimer at drrachelweimer@gmail.com.