Dutch Teacher Gives Students Stripped Down Anatomy Lesson

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In biology class many of us remember dissecting frogs and looking at anatomy books. But how many of us remember our teachers becoming part of the experiment? Not many I'm guessing. 

However for a few lucky students in Netherlands, their biology teacher gave them a very interesting and in-person look at the human anatomy. 

Debby Heerkens is a middle school biology teacher at Groene Hart Scholen in the Dutch region of Rijnwoude. For her lesson on the human form she literally stripped down for her students. After ditching her clothes, the creative teacher was left wearing nothing but a muscle suit. Then moments later she stripped down even further to showcase a skeleton suit. 

The schools post to Facebook reads "Ms. Heerkens makes there is always something special again! Biology in the sevenths grade on green heart of rinjwoude."

We're not sure who but someone also uploaded a cool video of the anatomy lesson as well. What an interesting teacher.