Drug task force serves warrant on wrong apartment

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Narcotics officers raid a Newnan apartment on the hunt for a drug suspect. They had a warrant to go in but a young mother who tries to shield her baby tells deputies they broke down the wrong door.

Law enforcement released the footage of a raid. Narcotics officers from the Coweta Sheriff's Office entered the home of Shantay Wilkins. Wilkins, who was in her underwear, found herself starring at multiple guns coming through the door. She kept telling the officers they were at the wrong address.

Sheriff's deputies had a search warrant for an apartment across the hall from where Wilkins resides. They had previously done a buy and they say their target was selling marijuana out of the building breezeway.

In less than five minutes, a supervisor realized the mistake. Wilkins said the deputies acknowledged it and apologized. But the whole thing left her baby boy scared.