Douglas County deputies turned money from drug raids into ice cream for kids

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Do you ever wonder what law enforcement does with money seized from drug raids? Douglas County used their money to buy an ice cream truck.

The idea behind the truck is bridge the gap between children and law enforcement officers. They said they actually got the idea from the Boston Police Department. They have only had it out a few times, but already it is already a big hit.

"I think it's awesome, a great way to being a relationship between young children and Law enforcement," one parent said.

It is not every day one sees a deputy handing out ice cream and it is a first for Sgt. Jesse Hambrick during his 25-year career. But it is an idea he fully supports.

"We want to start reaching out to the kids in the community and building that trust and relationship with them," said Sgt. Hambrick.

And so far, it's working.

"I like what they're doing for us," one of the children the ice cream truck visited on Friday said.

"It's great and delicious because of this ice cream. Sour, yummy!" another child exclaimed.

The truck is outfitted with lights and sirens and of course, it was not just ice cream Sgt. Hambrick handed out.

"They see the uniform, the gun, they see the badge but they see somebody willing to talk to them, they see somebody willing to take a pic with them they can post on social media, to hug them to say hey if you need us let us know," said Hambrick.

Sgt. Hambrick said some have questioned why are they using tax dollars for ice cream. He is the first to tell them, they are not.

"Literally no cost, this is cost-free public service," said Hambrick.

Drug money purchased the truck and donations have provided everything else.