Doris Payne takes plea deal for Walmart shoplifting case

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Internationally renowned jewel thief Doris Payne was back in court on Monday making a plea deal for a shoplifting case, charges she received in Chamblee over the summer.

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The 87-year-old international jewel thief was accused of stealing $90 worth of merchandise from a Chamblee Walmart back in July. Police said she tried to take items from the pharmacy, grocery, and electronics departments.

During that time, Paynes was already under house arrest and police said she even had her ankle monitor on while in the store. That house arrest was part of her sentence for reportedly trying to steal $2,000 necklace from Von Maur at Perimeter Mall last year. The judge in that case also banned Payne from shopping at all malls in DeKalb County as a result.

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Laughter and a promise of a new beginning from Payne as she stood before a Chamblee judge. It was a late start for Payne.

“Sorry I’m late, but I was really at the doctor,” said Payne.

Payne pleaded guilty to the charges and was given time served for 58 days, but it came with a stern warning.

“Don’t come back, Ms. Payne,” the judge told her.

“I won’t. Thank you,” Payne told the judge.

A more spirited Payne said she is moving on and wants to focus on giving back to her community. She said a book deal is in the works and will go towards her mission.

“She has a lot of supporters out there we have been contacted by a lot of people across the country and internationally and she has a fascinating story for all the people who are interested,” said Marissa Goldberg, Payne’s attorney.

“I’m going on about my life's dream doing for foster kids, young boys. Any and all money I ever get from a book will go in that fund,” Paynes said.

When asked if she had any final words on the matter, Payne replied “Goodbye” and laughed.

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