Deputies swarm suspects accused of attempting to drop contraband at DeKalb County Jail

Two suspects accused of trying to deliver contraband to DeKalb County Jail are now held there themselves.

On Sunday afternoon, cameras outside the jail caught several people getting out of a car and walking out of view. Chief Deputy Randy Akies said, in previous instances, inmates drop a "fishing line" and people drop contraband on the line for inmates to "reel."

Shortly after, someone sprints across the road. Deputies and patrol cars flood the area. 

Authorities said one of the suspects never stepped out of the car. Several deputies chased the other suspect. 

Law enforcement arrested 24-year-old Ralston Alexander Campbell and 26-year-old Donnisha Gabbidon. Two inmates are also facing charges.

Gabbidon is charged with conspiracy to commit a felony and Ralston faces two counts of conspiracy and one count of possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. 

"We will arrest you and house you with the individuals you are trying to send contraband to," Akies said.