Deputies release surveillance video of bank robbery

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A strange bank robbery case out of Coweta County where investigators there are searching for what they say is an older gentleman in a dress shirt and slacks who robbed the Southern States Bank on Bullsboro Drive last Friday.

Two things could help break the case open, identifying the suspect or tracking him down from his pickup truck and the stickers that show up on surveillance video.

Investigators said the man entered the Southern States Bank on Bullsboro Friday afternoon. Along with his business casual attire, he is wearing a Yankees baseball cap. He appears to walk up to a teller window and to hand the worker a note demanding money. Trouble is her cash drawer was empty.

“She told him her drawer had no money so he took the note next door where the teller was holding $753,” said Anthony Grant of the Coweta Sheriff’s Office

At that next teller window, the video shows him taking the money from the woman according to Grant.

He is then captured on surveillance video at a nearby Popeye’s restaurant, where he runs entirely around the building, slowing his pace on the other side or perhaps he is winded, cops think.

Behind the restaurant, he is seen driving away in a red Chevy pickup. It’s an older model.

“If I had to guess it probably is a 2000 to 2010 Chevy S 10,” Grant said. The red pickup also has silver rails along the bed.

That pickup had a big sticker on the back on the back glass. The surveillance photo does not provide the clearest image so investigators are hoping for the public’s help on that too.  What kind of sticker is that?

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office.