Democrats call for charges in Gwinnett bumper sticker incident

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A group of lawmakers and members of the Gwinnett County Democratic Party publicly condemned the alleged actions of a local business owner earlier this week.

Sharon Wood, who serves as vice-chair of the Gwinnett Democrats, said when she left the grocery store Monday she noticed someone had used "I Heart Trump" stickers to cover two of the political bumper stickers on her car.

"I just thought this is ridiculous.  I pulled them off.  I tossed them in my car and I went to leave and when I started to get in my car, that's when the guy started yelling across the parking lot," Wood recalled.  "'You're an 'effing traitor.'  He said it several times very loudly." 

Wood said she tried to leave the parking lot and the man, driving a company truck, followed her.  Wood said he continued after her for some time until she finally made a quick turn that he could not replicate and instead laid on his horn.

When she got home, Wood said she called the business whose truck was involved and when the owner answered, she discovered he was the one responsible.

Wood then contacted the Lawrenceville Police Department, but she felt the officer who met with her did not take her concerns seriously. 

Lt. Jake Parker said it was not clear to the officer that Wood wanted to file a report, but the department opened a case after another conversation took place. 

"It was a crime that was reported the other day and it's being investigated like any other crime.  It has been assigned to a detective for follow up and they have been working their leads," said Lt. Parker.

According to the police department, investigators have been in touch with the suspect in the case and he and his attorney are scheduled to meet with a detective on Monday. 

After learning about the incident, Gwinnett County Solicitor-General Brian Whiteside said his office also opened an investigation.  He plans to charge the man with simple assault, criminal trespass and misdemeanor stalking.

Calls made to the suspect's business went unanswered.