DeKalb County Sheriff's Office looking for dozens of volunteers

The DeKalb County Sheriff's Office is looking for volunteers. Sheriff Melody Maddox says working with community volunteers will be a win-win situation. She launched the DeKalb County Sheriff's Office Community Volunteer Program.

"This allows them to come in and see what the sheriff's office does and how they can support us while we support them in keeping the community safe," said Sheriff Maddox.

The sheriff wants 50 people to help out with jobs ranging from clerical work to giving out information, and even monitoring surveillance cameras.

"Perimeter checks, doing extra security for us outside to keep the contraband from coming in. To be our eyes and ears on the outside," said Sheriff Maddox.

She says they are very conscious about having volunteers around various levels of security.

"Working for the sheriff's office, we're going to make sure there's a thorough background check on the volunteers," said Sheriff Maddox.

She also points out the volunteers will have no interaction with the detainees.

"There will be no inmate contact whatsoever, this will be assisting on the outside and if it's administrative work it will be in other areas," said Sheriff Maddox.

Like most law enforcement agencies, the sheriff says they are short-staffed and her employees are working harder than ever. Volunteers will be a big help.

"This is not a one man or one woman show and I can't do it without citizens of DeKalb County," said Sheriff Maddox. 

The sheriff says the program could also help with recruiting. Some people might volunteer, find out more about the sheriff's office and decide if they would like to work there full time.

The sheriff says they've already received some applications for the volunteer program and hope to have all 50 slots full by the fall.