DeKalb County Police searching for 2 car thieves, 2 others in custody

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A stolen car led to a wild ride on Interstate 20 Tuesday evening. Two teenagers were arrested shortly after the chase, but the police searched well into the evening for possibly two more suspects.

Sadaya Jones said she had just parked at her dad's home in Lithonia when three guys jumped in her 2016 Toyota Corolla.

"It was so easy for them to take my car that it makes me uneasy knowing there's someone who’s a part of this trio still out here," said Jones.

Police were already in the area, saw the car, and went after it. Two teens jumped out on Thompson Mill Road and took off running. One was caught behind Joseph Edo's home.

“The police were over here, and right there, that's where they got a hold of him,” said Edo.

Police searched throughout the evening for his partner in crime. They looked through woods and neighborhoods, but he was nowhere to be found. 

Meanwhile, the driver was still trying to outrun police. Police said they were trying to stop him as he sped down I-20, crashing into three other cars. The driver eventually crashed and was arrested by police. Officials now say the suspect has been identified but is still not in custody.

On Wednesday, police said that there was a fourth suspect also involved and are looking for for him as well.

Jones was upset about her car but said thanks to her Toyota, police were able to take two criminals off the street.

“I'm happy overall those two people were caught and if my car was the reason they're caught, then I'm okay with that,” said Jones.