DeKalb County Police search for suspect in triple homicide

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Three people were shot and killed in Lithonia early Wednesday morning. Their bodies were found in a unit at the Fairington Park Condo Complex.

DeKalb County Police confirm the deceased are Eric James Robinson, 27; Stanford Henderson, 28; and Starlynne Henderson, 29. Stanford and Starlynne are siblings. 

Police say it is likely this case is drug-related.

"There were drugs found in the home and it was a known that drugs were sold from that location," said Shiera Campbell of the DeKalb County Police Department.

Officers first got it straightens call at 11 PM Tuesday. They didn't find the bodies until they got a second call early Wednesday morning. Please confirm they did not find any weapons on the victims. It appears they did not defend themselves.

The family of the victims went to the condo early Wednesday morning to find out what happened to their loved ones.

"All I just know is that they shot him up, I don't know how many bullets, I don't know who, what," said Eric Robinson's aunt, Alicia Willis. "I call him Bubbles, that's my bubbles. I just don't believe this to be the end so soon."

DeKalb County Police say the two men lived in the apartment and the woman was there visiting her brother.

Officers tell us the shooter is still on the loose. Their key witness and neighbors who heard the shooting did not see who was responsible.