DeKalb County police officer saves 3-year-old's life

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A DeKalb County police officer became a hero Saturday after his quick thinking saved a 3-year-old's life.

"I was out patrolling when a call came out of a 3-year-old unconscious and not breathing," Officer Joshua Kimble said.

Kimble was dispatched to a gas station off Clifton Springs Road where he found Aniyah Bourn lifeless in the backseat.

"She didn't look good and she wasn't breathing," Kimble said. 

So Kimble grabbed the little girl and put his police training to use.

"I started CPR and doing chest compressions," Kimble.

After 15 seconds of life-saving measures, little Aniyah started breathing and crying.

"I was relieved and overjoyed knowing she was going to be okay at least while in my arms," Kimble said.

Aniyah and her mom, Sashia LaRosa-Bourn, are back in Florida where they live after visiting their family here in Georgia.

LaRosa-Bourn told FOX 5 news via FaceTime that she is grateful for everything Kimble did.

"Thank you for saving my baby," she said.