Decatur Police: Man opened fire from car, killed teen

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Decatur Police believe the gunman who opened fire on a car at a busy intersection Wednesday evening did so from inside a sedan. A picture of the car, taken from a nearby security camera, was released by investigators Thursday in hopes someone will recognize it.

Police said the shooting which happened at the intersection of South Candler Street and Midway Road a little after 5:45 p.m. is now the city’s top priority. Investigators said two people were shot inside their vehicle.

"Obviously somebody saw something out there. It was 5:48 p.m. on South Candler Street. it's a busy road and people are out driving around. If you saw anything at all, call us," said Sgt. John Bender.

Janae Owens, 17, was in the passenger seat of a red sedan when she was hit, according to police. Investigators said the gunman fired several shots as the sedan driver waited to turn onto Midway Road. She was rushed to an area hospital where she was later pronounced dead.

Aside from the photo, police have only a vague description of the gunman.

"He was a bald black male wearing a white T-shirt and driving a black Chrysler 200 or 300 last seen traveling Southbound on South Candler Street," said Sgt. Bender.

Two other women were inside the car with Owens. Police said one was shot, but not seriously wounded. Investigators said they are related to the teenage murder victim but have not said if there's a connection to the gunman.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of this girl and we want justice for them," said Sgt. Bender.

Anais Black, who lives nearby was shaken by the crime.

“It’s kind of really shocking. I’m kind of shocked that I’ve learned of this incident, it’s literally a block from my house,” said Black.

Lisa Williams was dismayed by the incident.

“It’s very sad that if there was some kind of road rage you know someone took out a gun and shot two people. I think one of whom is dead,” said Williams.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation was asked to assist in the investigation.

“It’s important to find justice so that families will be at least comforted so they’ll have a sense of closure,” said Williams.

Anyone with information is being asked to call the Decatur Police Department at 404-373-6551 or Crime Stoppers Greater Atlanta at 404 577-Tips (8477).