Dalton IHOP brawl lands cook and server in jail

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It was a breakfast brawl that stunned customers and landed two north Georgia IHOP employees in jail. 
The incident was described as a brawl between a server and a cook: throwing pots, pans, and food, in plain view of the entire restaurant. 

Customer Ashley Green caught the throw-down on camera, posting it to Facebook. We're told it all started when Anitra Perkins, the server, asked Zarcola Jones, a cook, to remake a dish for a customer. 
From there - things got heated. 

"Someone call the cops - hey, y'all can't do that here" a customer is heard on the video saying. 

A Dalton Police report said the fight spilled outside to the parking lot, where Jones and Perkins continued to fight. Witnesses said Jones, the cook, attempted to strike the server with her car. 

Within minutes officers arrive on the scene, placing both Jones and Perkins in handcuffs. The two women, along with a third person in a vehicle, face serious charges from the dispute. 

In a statement to FOX 5 News, the IHOP corporation says "Our franchisees do not tolerate fighting of any kind between their team members and the outrageous behavior displayed by these two individuals completely goes against what the brand and our operators stand for."  

The two face several charges, including assault and battery.