DA takes entire new look at McIver death investigation

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Two people who were there when car gunfire ended the life of Buckhead socialite Diane McIver are not expected to give prosecutors anything different in their accounts of what happened that night.

Nonetheless, Paul Howard, the Fulton County District Attorney, is doing his own examination beyond what Atlanta police detectives gathered when they looked at the evidence. 

WATCH: DA says he is going beyond police's investigation

Sources said a ballistics expert from Florida was tapped to go over the vehicle. Prior to now, Atlanta police twice had the vehicle. 

The husband, Tex McIver, said after a long day of recreation out of town, the couple and a friend, rode back to Atlanta at night. McIver, who was in the back seat, had asked for his gun from the center console because part of the trip covered a rough area downtown.

McIver, who is a lawyer, believes he fell asleep while holding the weapon. It went off, sending a single bullet through the front passenger seat where his wife was sitting. 

Mr. Howard authorized charges against McIver, the most serious is involuntary manslaughter. The case has yet to be presented to a grand jury.

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