Creekside High School football player tests positive for coronavirus, 7 others quarantined

A Creekside High School football player has tested positive for the coronavirus, and seven other people associated with the team have been quarantined.

The player's father wanted to remain anonymous but spoke to FOX 5 News about the stunning discovery last Saturday.

"Our entire family gets routinely tested and my wife and I were negative, but my son was positive. You are kind of in a whirlwind. It's difficult when it hits home. I was kind of shocked because my son showed no symptoms," the football parent revealed.

The dad called the Creekside head coach and the coach followed protocol, calling the Fulton County Health Department.

"When the nurse called my son to do the contact tracing, you really see how it affects so many people. It is like a ripple effect. It's like who are you around and who is that person around," the parent shared.

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Fulton County Schools confirmed one Creekside football player is positive, and six other student-athletes as well as a football staffer are in quarantine due to possible exposure to the virus. They cannot practice, play or return to face-to-face learning until October 17.

A letter went out to every football parent to let them know.

But the parent whose son tested positive believes mandatory testing should have been required for the entire team and the Friday night game against Tri-Cities Bulldogs rescheduled.

"I am going to be honest, to me if any person on the team tests positive, I do not think they should have played this week period. Safety comes first," the parent concluded.

The district said the Creekside player is the second varsity football player to test positive since the delayed season started in September. The first player was from Centennial High School.

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