Couple speaks out after neighbor pleads guilty to Peeping Tom charges

A Peachtree City couple shares a shocking story with FOX 5. Their neighbor secretly recorded them in their home for more than 5 years.

Now, he's headed to prison for a long time.

Lane and Payden Montgomery wish the man dressed all in back, they saw outside their bedroom window in December 2016 was just a burglar who wanted their belongings.

Instead, when arrested, they would learn the shadowy figure was Matthew Flesher. He was their next door neighbor and police would describe him as a prolific peeping tom and a sexual predator.

They seized his camcorder and discovered secret recordings of the Montgomery's and eight of their neighbors going back to 2011.

Some of the recordings were shot through the Montgomery's bedroom windows.  Also, through their backdoor.

Last week Matthew Flesher plead guilty to sexual exploitation of a minor and felony peeping tom. The Fayette County judge sentenced him to 40 years and must serve 20. 

He's also banned from Fayette County.

Lane and Payden Montgomery say the invasion of their privacy and the more than 5 years of secret recordings have dealt them a life sentence of anxiety and suspicion. Flesher had lived right next door. They have chosen not watch exactly what he had recorded.

Police say a peeping tom case is one of the hardest to solve. They had several reports in that neighborhood including one the Montgomery's had made in 2013. 

When they called police in December of 2016 about the man in their backyard, officers would discover Flesher dressed in black, carrying the camcorder and with a vague story of his whereabouts.