Contract worker killed at Atlanta's airport

FOX 5 News has learned a baggage handler at the airport was killed this week while trying to unload luggage from a plane.

It happened in the area described as the ramp. Anyone who has ever flown and looked out the window of their jet at the gate to see the army of workers operating heavy baggage belt machines which funnel luggage, boxes and everything else on and off planes.

The employees for contractor G2 Secure Company work as a team. One young worker was not seen as a machine was lined up to a United jet cargo hold. He was crushed, according to various reports FOX 5 News has obtained.

The piece of equipment, as it was raised to the cargo hold, lifted the employee off the ground. A member of the team barked out orders for the bag belt to be stopped but it was too late

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation will perform the autopsy.