Confederate flags will continue to fly at Stone Mountain Park

Mary Hoyt is waging a one woman campaign against the Confederate flags flying at Stone Mountain Park.

Hoyt, who is a Clarkston resident, said she wants the flag removed.

"I'm fine with it being exhibited, but like my sign said I feel it should be behind glass and not in a position of authority," said Hoyt.

Hoyt echoing the sentiments of Georgia State Representative LaDawn Jones who on Tuesday called on residents to boycott the park until the flags come down.

State Rep. LaDawn Jones said, "You know we have a first amendment right for you to express yourself on your shirt on your clothes on your cars but at a state run park it's time for the Confederate Flag to come down."

Stone Mountain Memorial Association spokeperson John Bankhead said, "The calls we received have been split pretty evenly."

The Stone Mountain Memorial Association found itself embroiled in controversy in the wake of the June 17th church massacre in Charleston.

Critics want the divisive battle flags flying at the base of the mountain removed.

Flag supporters, who consider it a symbol of a proud southern heritage, are fighting those efforts.

After researching the issue, park officials said the flags will stay.

John Bankhead said, "It's covered by Georgia law so unless they change the law the park can't make any changes to the display of these flags."

That's right. The same law that removed the confederate emblem from the Georgia Flag in 2001 ushering in the current state flag prohibits changes at Stone Mountain Park which is preserved by law as a Confederate Memorial.

Hoyt is disappointed but undeterred.

Hoyt said, "If it is legally binding that the flag has to fly then we will have to continue to respectfully request that law be changed."

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