Concerns over employee pay of Super Bowl event workers continue

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The outside of Mercedes-Benz Stadium in downtown Atlanta ahead of Super Bowl LIII.

Hours before a community meeting dealing with the non-payment of workers at a major Super Bowl event, Atlanta’s City Council President has reached out to the NFL for help.

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In a letter e-mailed Thursday afternoon to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, Atlanta City Council President Felicia Moore asked for a “definitive, immediate response” on when the situation will be resolved.

Despite a statement Wednesday from BE Staffing Services claiming all workers have been paid, Moore wrote, “As of the date of this letter, these employees have not been paid in full for the work they so dutifully performed.”



Moore asked Commissioner Goodell to “exhaust all measures within your purview to ensure that every worker is compensated for the full work they performed. We cannot look away until these employees have been made whole.”

Community activist and former Atlanta City Councilman Derrick Boazman has organized a Thursday night community meeting at Lindsey Street Baptist Church, where he invited any workers who worked for BE Staffing to attend.

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Boazman told FOX 5 News the owner of BE Staffing is expected to attend the meeting.

On Wednesday, several community activists including Boazman and the NAACP gave Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank 24 hours to help some unpaid Super Bowl Experience employees out or they plan to protest.

The full statement from BE Staffing sent to FOX 5 News on Wednesday reads as follows:

“BE Staffing Service is writing today, to state that ALL WORKERS have been paid as per their sign in sheets. We have never NOT paid any employee intentionally or with any ill will. Our organization had well over 200 plus employees work during this event. We as a Minority Business are appalled at the stance many are taking in effort, to drag our company name, lure us into paying for time not worked; along with leading and deceiving those into believing they have not been paid. IN effort to spare confidentiality of employees, we have not wished to send any sensitive information, which would show SS (last four), address, bank account details and amounts. Again BE Staffing Must BE CLEAR ALL EMPLOYEES HAVE BEEN PAID BASED ON SIGN IN SHEETS of HOURS WORKED.”

BE Staffing said they would offer no further comment on the matter.

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