Community comes together to help residents of Monroe mobile home park

People living in the Conestoga Mobile Home Park in Monroe have to move out by the end of Friday, October 11.

The city of Monroe said they notified the owner of the property on August 8 that the utilities would be disconnected if they did not make the necessary repairs.

Some of the residents, like Rebecca Lowe was able to find a new home after weeks of searching.

Lowe has lived in the community since 1997 and said this has been an emotional process.

“This home holds a lot of meaning, not just where my kids grew up. It’s also where my daddy took this last breath. And that’s still a piece of his spirit in that home,” Lowe said.

Among the dozens of families living in the neighborhood, at least 10 were without places to go as of Friday afternoon.

However, these families are not going through this alone.

Cindy Little and volunteers with an organization called Faith In Serving Humanity (FISH), have stepped up to help.

“We’re made up of 58 churches and we all serve together. So that what you’re seeing here. These people are here to help,” said Cindy Little, executive director of FISH. “The community is sending money to pay for storage, pay for deposits, anything we need to do.”

Anyone who would like to help can contact FISH at