Cobb County's Public Safety Director resigns

A late-night announcement from the Cobb County Tuesday evening brings news the Public Safety Director has resigned.

Michael Register, citing "personal matters will require his immediate attention and will force him to move out of Cobb County," turned in his resignation for a job he's only held four months.

"I was deeply honored to be Police Chief and Public Safety Director and appreciated the support of the Board and County Manager," said Register. "I regret personal issues are tearing me away from this job, and I leave with a sense of accomplishment."

"I will always treasure my time in Cobb County and I will always love this county and truly believe it is the greatest county in the state of Georgia with the greatest public safety employees in the state."

"We understand that family comes first to Mike and are saddened that he will leave us," said County Manager Rob Hosack.  "He did tremendous things in his short time in the position and will we be considering our options for the Public Safety post in the coming days."

Register was appointed by Cobb County commissioners to the position in April. He worked as the county's chief of police prior to the promotion. He has more than 30 years of law enforcement experience.

His last day is expected to be Aug. 31.

The county released his resignation letter on Wednesday which reads as follows:

To All,

This email is to inform you of my decision to retire at the end of August.  This decision is a painful one, but it is based on the need to address some personal issues that have become more urgent in recent weeks. Recently, I have been forced to be away intermittently from my duties, and it has become apparent an adjustment is necessary.  I will be transitioning to another opportunity which will afford me the necessary resources and freedom I need at this time. 

I want to make it clear that the Board of Commissioners and the County Manager have all been very supportive of me concerning my decision and I have nothing but the highest respect for them.

I want to thank each of you for allowing me to lead you over the last couple of years and I consider it an honor to have served as both the Chief of Police and as the Director of Public Safety.  Your hard work and dedication to the residents of Cobb County is something I will always remember.  Cobb County DPS has a tremendous Command Staff and I believe that their leadership will lead DPS into the future.

In closing, again I want to thank all DPS personnel for what you do as representatives of Cobb County.  I would also like to thank the Chairman, BOC members, County Manager and Deputy County Manager for their support since I returned to Cobb County in 2017 and their continued support as I make this transition.