Cobb County uses special system to help locate hikers on trail

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Cobb County is first in the nation to locate hikers on trails when an emergency strikes.

The Emergency Locator Marker System allows first responders to locate where the emergency is and find the best route to get to those in need, officials said.

The EML Program will cover over 90 miles of trails in Cobb County.

Officials said the signs each have eight digits corresponding to the national grid system used by FEMA and other government agencies.

Signs went up in August on the Noonday Creek Trail, which was the EML pilot trial, officials said. The signs are approximately a quarter mile apart.

“We are the first to use it for trails and we’re hoping that others will start to do the same,” Cassie Mazloom, Cobb County Emergency Management Agency Director, said.

Officials said the EML Program is a joint collaboration between Cobb County Police Department, Emergency Management Agency, Parks and Recreation Department, the Department of Transportation, The Cobb County Fire Department, GIS, and CAD.