Cobb County Public Safety Director planning to stockpile critical items before next emergency

Even as states across the country begin to reopen, many fear there could be a second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Public Safety Director of Cobb County said if that happens, he wants to be ready.

"We have no idea what could be coming in the future. we just want to be prepared," said Cobb County Public Safety Director Randy Crider.

Crider said the pandemic caught everyone off guard and unprepared. Those on the frontlines struggled to find basic necessities.

"We found it difficult to get protective equipment that our responders needed," said Crider.

Crider doesn't want that to happen again. He wants to use a county-owned warehouse to stockpile critical items to get through 90 days.

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He says it's more than just storing masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer.

"There's also going to be items in this stockpile that would prepare us for other types of situations, whether it be a man-made disaster, or something like we're experiencing now, or tornadoes," said Crider.

In these unprecedented and uncertain times, Crider said it's time to prepare for any and every emergency situation.

Cobb County Public Safety Director Randy Crider (FOX 5)

"Our goal and our vision is that the cities in Cobb County know that should something happen again, we don't have to scramble and compete with everybody in the country,  and the world, to get the items that we need to respond to the public," said Crider.

Crider said he has discussed his idea with several city and county leaders.  He will present his plan to the full Board of Commissioners within the next few weeks.

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