Cobb County Police searching for suspected arsonist

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Cobb County Police are trying to track down a suspected arsonist.  They say he set a fire in one of the units at the Chroma Park Apartments in Austell.  

Investigators say 24-year-old Tovoris Chester had a dispute with a woman he had been dating and tried to torch her apartment, putting numerous lives in danger. 

The woman told FOX 5 news she dated Chester for about 2 years. She says Friday afternoon Chester was at her apartment and he was angry.  She says she was scared so she hid in her closet.  She says when she heard a door close she thought he had gone, when she peered outside the closet she saw her mattress was in flames.   

When neighbors learned the fire was intentionally set, they were angry knowing the fire could have spread through the entire building. 

"They have a little boy upstairs, when I saw her I asked if the baby was home, she said no, I thank God for that," said neighbor Heather King-Green. 

Fire investigators say the sprinkler system came on and helped contain the blaze.  Other units suffered water damage. 

King-Green says one man's actions could have destroyed everyone's property, and worse, could have taken lives. 

"My grandson lives with us, he's 11, the time of day it happened, he could have been home.  Okay, we're looking for him too.  We'll be on guard," said King-Green.