Cobb County police officers rescue 3 from river

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Three teenage sisters are safe and well after some fast-thinking by Cobb County police officers.

A family went to the Chattahoochee River for a float trip Sunday. The sisters all wore life jackets, but none could swim. The youngest, 14, fell off with her vest into the water, and then the older two, dove in to help. Luckily, the father had a cell phone, so they called 911 and was able to tell police where they were on the river.

“All three of them could not swim and it was their first time on the river,” said Officer Ken Healy of Cobb County Police. “Which is not… doesn’t mix well.”

Officer Healy grabbed a rope from the back of his patrol car and flung it to the girls. With the help of the father and Officer Goddard, they were able to get all three young ladies out and to safety. Officer Healy said he’s typically on the underwater recovery team, so being able to save someone’s life out of the Chattahoochee River is a good day.

“They were very grateful. They were visibly exhausted,” said Officer Scott Goddard of Cobb County Police.  “The one told Officer Healy she couldn’t go any farther she was totally exhausted and could not continue.”

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