Cobb County officers killed in line of duty remembered in ceremony

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It's something police officers and their families think about every day. When they put on the badge and walk out the door, there's no guarantee they'll come home. Thursday night in Cobb County, officers who paid the ultimate price for their service were honored and remembered.

"The families never want their officers to be forgotten and always keep them in the forefront. all we have is our memories," said Roger Parker, the uncle of Cobb Police Officer Robbie Ingram who was killed in the line of duty.

Elisa Gilner's husband, Steve Gilner, worked for Cobb County Police. He was shot while responding to a SWAT situation. 

"Two hours later we learned Steve had passed, and our whole world changed," said Gilner.

Gilner's nephew was just a boy at the time. He promised to grow up and be an officer. He now works for NYPD.

Faith Norman's husband, Freddie Norman was an officer with Cobb County. She said every time she hears of another officer killed in the line of duty her heart breaks.  

"It's a shame that when they put on their uniform and their badge and gun knowing that this might be the last time they say goodbye to their family," said Norman. 

Norman says she holds tight to evenings like this memorial service when her husband and all the others are honored and remembered. 

The Law Enforcement Memorial was presented by the Kermit C Sanders Lodge 13 Fraternal Order of Police. Officers from Austell, Smyrna, Marietta, Kennesaw, Kennesaw State University and Cobb County as well as Douglas County were remembered.