Cobb County apartment fire likely caused by lightning

The storm that rolled through Monday night may be to blame for an apartment fire in Cobb County. Fire officials believe a lightning strike started a blaze at the 300 Riverside Parkway apartment complex.

Allen Jones lives in the building next door to where the fire occurred. Jones says he was in his car in the parking lot during the storm, waiting for the rain to let up, when he says he saw the lightning hit.

"We seen the lightning strike," Jones said. "Looked like a Christmas tree sitting there, all lit up."

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The fire destroyed much of the upstairs of the 300 Riverside Parkway apartment complex.

From: FOX 5 Atlanta

Allen Jones says he and his family sprinted toward their apartment to take cover. He says by the time he got everyone settled and walked back outside, the building next to his was on fire.

"Come out here and sure enough the whole roof was on fire. Engulfed in it. It was like too late then," said Jones.

Cobb County firefighters raced to the complex in Mableton. Flames had already raced through the attic. Fire officials say crews aggressively tried to extinguish the fire in the storm.

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Cobb County emergency officials believe a strike of lightning caused the apartment complex to go up in flames.

10 units were damaged. 25 people had to find a new place to live.

Jones is thankful no one was hurt, but he feels for those who lost all their belongings.

The siding appears to have started melting off the side of the building. (FOX 5 Atlanta)

"Pretty much everything you work so hard for is all gone in a matter of seconds," said Jones.