Clayton County sexual assault victims speaks out

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A sexual assault victim said she believes her rapist was watching her prior to the attack. The man broke in the woman's bedroom window at Park at Tara Lake Apartments July 28 around midnight. The 28-year-old victim said she woke up to a man smothering her mouth.

"He was trying to cover my mouth to make sure I didn't scream or anything because of the startleness. And he said he would pistol whip me if I scream," the victim revealed.

FOX 5 News is not disclosing the victim's name, but the woman said her attacker became more and more violent.

"He was saying I will black your eye. Just let me get what I want and I will leave," the victim shared.

That is when she built up the courage to fight back, especially since she knew her sister was also in the apartment.

"He already knew he was coming to overpower me. I had already made up in my mind, I can't let this happen," she recalls.

The customer service rep said when she screamed for her sister's help, the suspect started punching her, fracturing her nose, left eye and facial bones.

"That is when he started going into fighting mode. He started hitting me. That is when I started taking blows to the head," she explained.

The victim said once her younger sister came in the room she knew they had a chance.

"I am telling her to fight. You have to do something because we don't know this person," the woman remembered.

"As she got close to him to pull him off of me. He hit her," the woman said.

Both young ladies said their worlds have been turned upside down. They moved out of Clayton County. They are in therapy and the victim has not yet returned to work.

"I want him caught so bad. I try not to focus on it so much because we haven’t gotten a lot of answers on it," she concluded.

Clayton County police have tracked a serial rapist as far back as 2015. In two suspect sketches, there is DNA evidence linking the man to eight prior attacks. Clayton County police said there are similarities, but have not officially connected this latest attack to the serial rapist.