Clayton County officer saves man's life

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Police officers are called to protect and serve, but sometimes they go well beyond their sworn duty. That's the case in Clayton County. 

Last Friday, Clayton County Police Sergeant A. Thomas was flagged down by one of the attendants at a QT gas station. 

"He pointed to pump five," Sergeant Thomas said. 

Thomas said Friday started out as a routine day, but once he looked at the motorist who was not breathing and slumped over with no pulse, he sprang into action.

"I noticed the guy changing colors," Thomas said. "He was a bluish, purple tone." 

The 10-year veteran officer said the victim was unresponsive and he soon realized time was not on his side, so he started doing chest compressions, just like his CPR training had taught him. Several minutes later, a woman walked up to help, so the officer could radio an ambulance. 

"She asked if I needed help. I asked her if she knew CPR and she said yes," Thomas recalled. 

Several minutes later, and still no pulse or ambulance, Thomas found out traffic was hindering the fire truck from arriving. 

"As I looked up, I noticed heavy traffic blocking the entrance to the QT."

A QT manager took over and Sergeant Thomas jumped in the street and started directing traffic. 

"I ran to the intersection and moved the traffic for the fire truck to get in." 

Paramedics took over with a pump, and finally, the man responded. Thomas, who was performing CPR for the first time ever, said it was amazing to watch the miracle unfold. 

"When he opened his eyes and he looked up at me, my word was 'Thank God. Thank you man, thank you Jesus.' I was happy to see life back in him," Thomas said. 

Police Chief Michael Register said he was very proud of Sergeant Thomas for what he did. 

"It shows that the men and women of Clayton County and law enforcement in general are out there every day with selfless service, dedication, and are willing to do whatever they need to do to help the citizens," Chief Register said.