City of South Fulton gives away groceries at Welcome All Park

The City of South Fulton gives away 28,000-pounds of groceries to residents in need during this coronavirus crisis.

Hundreds of cars rolled up to Welcome All Park to get a grocery bag of fresh fruits and vegetables, can goods and bread.  City Leaders say they decided to have the drive after getting so many calls for help from residents who are in need.

"Supply is low, demand is high for the need of food in this pandemic.  We received many calls from seniors and families needing food, " district 3 Councilmember Helen Willis remarked.

South Fulton Mayor Bill Edwards says the government should go beyond providing medical care and testing sites during this pandemic, but also addressed the issue of nourishment.

"The repercussions from the pandemic.  The loss of jobs, things of that nature. People can't afford to do the things that they use to do, so we are lending a hand,"  South Fulton Mayor Bill Edwards.

Organizers say for the African American communities, the situation is dire.

"Over 80 percent of the hospitalizations statewide are African American patients, in regards to Covid 19 situation. Our message to everyone is, there is no place like home," Fulton county commissioners Joe Carns remarked.

Many of the 700 to 1,000 residents who came out were appreciative.

"I think it is wonderful. It helps a lot. I need food and it will help our community," Resident Sandy Walker replied.

The City of South Fulton is also providing rent and utility assistance, as well as free coronavirus testing. Please call the COVID-19 hotline at 404 613-8150.